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The History and Tradition of the Glasgow Celtics

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The Glasgow Celtics play their home matches at the renowned Celtic Park. With a limit of a little more than 60,000 fans, Celtic Park is the biggest soccer arena in all of Scotland. The group is very famous in the city of Glasgow and midpoints around 57,000 fans for each home game.

The Celtics are harsh cross-town rivals with the other Glasgow soccer group, the Rangers. While the two groups’ fans would contend they’re better than the other, the Celtics do have a custom of having incredible allies. At the point when the Glasgow Celtics played in the UEFA Cup in 2003 there were almost 80,000 Celtics fans that made the outing to Seville to either watch the game or deal their help. The UEFA claims that it was the biggest assortment of fans at any point set up for a solitary game. สุดยอดคาสิโน

The Celtics have a fine practice of greatness in soccer. In 1967, they turned into the principal British club to win the European Champions Cup. All through that whole title year the Celtics won all that they entered including: the Scottish Cup, the Scottish League, the Glasgow Cup and the European Cup. This achievement is much more exceptional when you consider that the Celtics were the main group to be made completely of players from the group’s home city. Not exclusively were each individual from the 1967 Celtics group from Scotland however they were totally brought into the world inside thirty miles of Celtic Park.

The Glasgow Celtics are viewed as one of the gems of Scottish soccer. They’re proceeding to encounter accomplishment in the advanced time as they expand on their past titles and accomplishments from earlier many years.

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