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Americas – National Teams!

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From South America to North America


Did you know-By 2007, the men’s football crew from Bolivia completed fourth in the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), behind Ecuador (gold decoration), Jamaica ( silver), and Mexico (bronze). Over the span of the competition, Bolivia had crushed America 4-2.


Did you know-Brazil, a soccer-cherishing country, was one of the top choices to win the FIFA World Cup in 1982. Over the span of the competition, the public group crushed five groups: New Zealand (4-0), USSR (2-1), and Scotland (4-1). Then, at that point, in the second round, Brazil beat Argentina, driven by its young star Diego Armando Maradona, 3-1. In any case, the South American group had neglected to finish its much-promoted mission: they were dispensed with by Italy (2-1). Sixteen years prior, this Portuguese-talking country had won the Men’s World Cup for the third time in the United Mexican States. It was a great scene for Brazil. After its worldwide control in 1970, the public groups were dispensed with in 1974 (by Holland) and 1978 (by Argentina). Consistently, Brazil additionally contended and fizzled in the Summer Olympics.


Did you know-Following winning the CONCACAF Men’s Olympic Qualifying Tournament Honduras qualified to address the area in the 22nd Men’s Olympic Football Tournament in the People’s Republic of China. Interestingly since its creation in 1900, the men’s soccer crew from Honduras contended in the Summer Olympics. Soccer is an incredible public energy in the Central American country. แทงบอลสูงต่ำ


Did you know-The South American nation of Uruguay took the gold award in the Olympiad in the Netherlands. In the last, it beat 2-1 Argentina. The Uruguayan public soccer group that contended at the 1928 Summer Olympics incorporated the accompanying players: Andres Mazali, Pedro Arispe, Lorenzo Fernandez, Antonio Campolo, Pedo Petrone, Santos Urdinaran, Hector Scarone, Juan Arremon, Roberto Figueroa, Jose Nasazzi, Jose Andrade, Alvaro Gestido, Pedro Cea, Hector Castro, Adhemar Canavesi, Juan Piriz, and Rene Borjas. Beforehand, the men’s football crew of Uruguay had caught the Olympic title in the Olympiad in Paris, France. In the gold-decoration game, Switzerland lost 3-0 to Uruguay.


Did you know-By the mid 1980s, America, a ball cherishing nation, won the Under-20 CONCACAF Championship, trailed by Guatemala ( the host nation’s crew), Honduras, Canada, Costa Rica and El Salvador. In the last match, USA beat Guatemala 3-1 and won the option to partake in the worldwide rivalry in the United Mexican States in 1983.

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