Where to Have a Cheap Holiday in Europe


If you’re looking to spend a week or two in Europe, but you don’t have the thousands of pounds to spend on a holiday, then visit one summer holidays 2021 of the following locations around the world where you pay low prices but you can still have a wonderfully enjoyable time.

Cheap Holidays Destination 1: Nice – France

Everyone seems to think that traveling to and staying in Nice is ridiculously expensive. “Ooo… It’s in the South of France.” So what? Just because it’s in the sunny south does not mean you have to pay over the odds to get there. In fact, book your flights early, and you can pay as little as £60 per person to get their and back in the middle of the summer. Now you can’t say that’s not cheap! You can also find cheap hotels in Nice. It’s all about knowing where to look. Don’t go for the big names and the sea front hotels is the biggest tip. Why should you pay an extra £200 just to have a room on the sea front when you could quite happily walk 5 minutes and get one for a far cheaper price.

Cheap Holiday Destination 2: Puglia – Italy

Generally, if people are going to go on holiday in Italy, it is either to go to the common beaches or to visit one of the many magnificent cities, such as Rome, Turin, Milan and Venice. But why not go for somewhere a little different? The flights to Puglia are generally a little more than average, but the accommodation is so cheap that you won’t mind paying the extra £20 to get there. You can literally save hundreds and hundreds on your cheap accommodation in Puglia. What is also great about Puglia is the food and restaurants there is cheap. There are plenty of locals so they do not charge over the odds.

Cheap Holiday Destination 3: Lisbon – Portugal

You may think I am insane putting the capital of Portugal as somewhere cheap to go, but because there are planes going then on an hourly basis, you can pick up some of the cheapest flights in the world to get there. The flights can often swallow up a holiday budget so get some bargain £50 flights and you’ll have some serious cash to splash out on a flash hotel.


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